Tips and Tricks

Cut Throat



As a photographer, you need to be in tune with your camera. Get to know it. It can do whatever you want it to do if you know what to tell it. A great start would be reading the manual. I tried this myself and learnt so much from it, even as an amateur.

There is no better teacher than experience. Challenge yourself at every point. If you tried blue today, try red tomorrow and keep switching it up.

You will need a lot of will power to make it in this industry. People will tell you that you aren’t good enough. They may not even take you seriously when you’re starting out. Be strong, stay vigilant and never forget that you can only be better than you were the day before as long as you keep at it.

Fashion TV shows, behind the scenes of runway projects both give an additional perspective. Seeing and understanding how models should pose and what type of location suits a certain genre of shooting will assist in your journey of becoming a sensei. Visual aids such as YouTube are a great way to visually learn as well as simply reading up on photography as a whole.